Wieliczek Germany

Hermann und Helga Wieliczek are friends and supporters of Klaus Steinbrenner since 1965. In the sixties Hermann and Klaus worked together in the same architectural office in Frankfurt, Germany. When Hermann opened his own office specializing in hospital buildings, he asked Klaus to become one of his associates. Thirty years later after the Steinbrenners moved from the US to Ireland, the Wieliczeks built a house there also and the old friendship was renewed. The Wieliczeks bought one of Klaus’ early stone sculptures. When the Steinbrenners left Ireland in 2014, Hermann had at least five of Klaus’ works shipped to his home in Aschaffenburg, Germany. In 2017, Hermann had one of Klaus most important works rebuilt in cortense steel to ensure its preservation. He is working with the city of Aschaffenburg to place the original wood sculpture in the entrance hall of the city’s new museum to be opened in 2018.

Elmwood Construction 1970


Move of sculptures from Ireland to Aschaffenburg, Germany


Wieliczek’s home

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